Higher Sri-Vidya Sadhana at Rohtak Haryana - 20th TO 23rd Oct, 2011

 All are WELCOME for the Intensive SriVidya Dhyan & Healing 
(Venue :   Rohtak Contact: 09433344645 / 09440120342)

By the grace of Lord Sreepada Sreevallabha; come, experience & learn 4th Dimensional Intensive Sri-Vidya Dhyan & Sadhana from the realized master Gurunath Atmanandji and achieve complete success in a righteous way.

  To participate in this program you need to pre-register:

Date & Time:      From 20th to 23rd Oct, 2011 (9am - 5pm)
Venue:                       Rohtak

Eligibility:                  ANYBODY
09433344645 / 09440120342,  www.siddhasanmarga.com

What would you learn?

Day 1 and 2Preparatory phase for intensive Sri-Vidya Sadhana
  •  Invocation of the divine Datta jyothi, Shiva jyothi, and Arut Jyothi.
(Datta jyothi is the divine grace of Lord Dathatreya. This is a combination of Electric golden, electric pink, and electric violet etc. This is the highest healing light known to man in any yuga.)

(Shiva jyothi is the divine healing fire of lord Shiva, which when initiated a sadhak will experience continuous flow of electric golden and electric violet healing fire from his both eyes and third eye.)

(Aruth Jyothi is the divine Grace Light as described the great guru Swami Ramalinga. This is an alchemical white light. This light, when initiated, sadhak will experience continuous flow of divine light from his heart. This is the light that our shasthras have described as "unconditional love". The power of this light or the healing ability of this light is immeasurable. It is a myth that unconditional love is pink in color.)

  •  Invoking and using Siddha Electric Powers.
  • Tunnel of light. Release of karmic factors from the subconscious mind– Powerful and Fast technique.
  • Siddha Surya Yoga with Siddha kalpa Vruksha Yoga
  • 4th dimensional SriVidya Mantra Sadhana along with Bala Mantra
  •  Rudra Gana Sadhana
  •  Atma Linga Sadhana
  •  Kameshwari Sadhana (One of the highest form of goddess Lalitha Tripur Sundari)
  •  Maha Bhagamalini Sadhana
  •  Rakthadanthika Sadhana
  •  Bhupura Sadhana with Beej mantra (Sadhana of the first avarana)
Day 3 and 4Intensive SriVidya
  •  Shodasha Nithya Sadhana with Beej mantra (Sadhana of 16 nithyas)
  •  Khadgamala Sadhana (Sadhana of the mighty meteor-like sword of the goddess).
  • Navaavarana devatha sadhana
  • Panchadashi mantra diksha
  •  Maha mantra Sadhana
  • Kalabhairava Sadhana
  • Sukshma SriVidya Havana
  • Tripur Bharavi Sadhana
  • Intensive SriVidya Kriya Sadhana.
A SriVidya Sadhak will be blessed with all the abundance in life. He not only will be blessed spiritually but would also be blessed in every aspect of life.   SriVidya Sadhana is the Bhramha Vidya Sadhana and so, it is endless. A sadhak has to continue to practice SriVidya Sadhana till he is one with the SriChakra himself, after which sadhana happens naturally.

If we look at the whole creation, it exists in a multi-plane level with multiple dimensions. We know that the mother earth is currently in the 3rd dimension and soon by the end of 2012 will shift into the 4th dimensionScientifically, this entire world is a wave, which has got compressed in such a format that it has become a solid physical vibrational frequency. Now, if it loosens up (expands), it goes into the 4th, 5th, and further dimensions.

We currently use 3rd dimensional vibrational frequencies to heal a person of 3rd dimension. Imagine the results of healing when we use 4th dimension light to heal the 3rd dimension person. It will be faster and powerful!!!!

Now, when we combine this 4th dimension light and mantras with SriVidya, the sadhana would become the most powerful sadhana any person can get as a diksha.  With the blessing of the Datta Digambara Sreepada Sreevallabha, you will be able to experience the highest and you can heal yourself and others from a very higher level of consciousness. Sometimes just a touch would be enough to do the healing.

By the grace of Lord Sreepada Sreevallabha; learn &and experience 4th Dimensional Intensive SriVidya Dhayn and Healing from the realized master Gurunath Atmanandji.

Note: “All the above-mentioned sadhanas are meditative in nature and are not outward puja rituals as it is said Antharmukha Samaradhya Bahirmukha Sudhurlabha.”

These are closely guarded secrets of the Great Himalayan Siddhas, which are for the very first time revealed by their own grace.

* Request you to be seated 15 minutes before time on 20th Oct for registration.
** Lunch and Tea would be provided at the Venue


Under standing 4th Dimensional-Shifting with Higher Sri-Vidya Sadhana (Deep Secrets of Siddha Sanmarga Sri-Vidya) 
(A Scientific Approach)  

 The Sri Yantra is revered by Hindus as the most powerful and sacred of the yantras, or images for meditation. It represents the process of unfolding of Divine Creation from the Absolute, which is symbolized by the point, or so-called "bindu," at its centre. Five downward-pointing triangles symbolizing the feminine creative energy, or Shakti, intersect four upward-pointing triangles symbolizing the masculine creative energy, or Shiva. This generates 42 triangles arranged in layers of eight, ten, ten & 14 triangles, that surround a downward-pointing central one whose corners denote the triple Godhead, or trimûrti, of Shiva, Brahma & Vishnu. Eight lotus petals are symmetrically arranged in a circumscribing circle and 16 lotus petals are likewise arranged in a larger circle. Surrounding the triangles and petals are three circles equally spaced apart. They are enclosed in a square with "doorways" in the middle of each side. A sri-yantra is used to explore different realms of reality, dream states, and other inner and outer worlds.  It helps to recall and ground dreams and other-wordly experiences, and to synthesize them with those from our day-to-day.

But in this Shivir Guru-Nath Atmananda ji will make you experience the reality of 4th dimensional Shifting with Highest Sri-Vidya kundilini Tantra Sadhana "A scientific approach"